Transitioning Product Line and Component-Based Approaches to Industrial Practice 

International Workshop on Product Line Engineering The Early Steps: 
Planning, Modeling, and Managing








PLEES'01 was a highly successful workshop. More than twenty participants, six presentations, and one industrial keynote provided a lot of scientific input, but simultaneously gave a lot of room for further discussions.

After many hours of deep discussions the conclusion was clear: there had to be a PLEES'02.


Below you can find some information on this workshop:

Material from the workshop

The Workshop Proceedings

The Call for Papers for PLEES'01

2001 Program Committee

Material from the workshop

A general introduction to the workshop is given in:
Birgit Geppert and Klaus Schmid:
PLEES’01: International Workshop on Product Line Engineering – The Early Steps: Planning, Modeling, and

The following presentations were given at the workshop:

Alessandro Maccari:
Industrial Keynote – Feature Modeling in an Industrial Context

Thomas Eisenbarth and Daniel Simon:
Guiding Feature Asset Mining for Software Product Line Development

Jan Bosch:
Adopting Software Product Lines: Approaches, Artefacts, and Organization

Matthias Riebisch, Detlef Streitferdt, Ilka Philippow:
Feature Scoping for Product Lines

Birgit Geppert, Frank Rößler:
Combining Product Line Engineering with Options Thinking

Klaus Schmid and Isabel John:
Product Line Development as a Rationale, Strategic Decision

Günter Halmans, Klaus Pohl:
Considering Product Family Assets when Defining Customer Requirements



Workshop Proceedings

The workshop proceedings were published as Technical Report at Fraunhofer IESE, No: 050.01/E.
They can be downloaded here or directly from the Fraunhofer website at:



The Call for Papers - 2001

The Call for Papers for the 2001 iteration can be found here. (Pdf-Version)



Program Committee

The 2001 Program Committee consisted of the following people:

Mark Ardis, USA
Jan Bosch The Netherlands
Paul Clements, USA
Jim Coplien, USA
Krzysztof Czarnecki, Germany
Ulrich Eisenecker, Germany
John Favaro, Italy
Cristina Gacek, United Kingdom
Birgit Geppert, USA
Peter Knauber, Germany
Henk Obbink, The Netherlands
David Parnas, Canada
Klaus Pohl, Germany
Klaus Schmid, Germany
Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, Finland

Organizers: Klaus Schmid and Birgit Geppert